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Can you sell good products at a low price? The bathroom market has sounded the alarm.

October 8, 2019

In recent years, there have been a lot of incidents in the sanitary industry enterprises. When they are on the scene, the firecrackers are infinitely beautiful, but when they leave, the backs are disappointing. Today's sanitary ware market is calm, but in reality it is a dark tide, and low-cost competition is one of the undercurrents.

Low prices may make money quickly in the short term, but it will not make the business better. This "killing one thousand, self-destruction of eight hundred" will only lower the economic benefits of the entire industry, leading to a vicious circle; At the expense of giving up quality and service, the ultimate consumer is the loss.

Price competition is an inevitable phenomenon of the market economy, and we cannot deny it or avoid it. For SANITWELL, we have always relied on the brand, based on the product quality as the prestige, to establish our own corporate culture spirit and brand image, reflecting the product style and highlights, so that consumers trust to affirm our brand because of its characteristics. For consumers, be sure to polish your eyes, choose a regular manufacturer and brand, and don't fall victim to others' competition!